Bizarre Running World Records


Check out these 7 bizarre running World Records! 1. Fastest Marathon Running Backwards At the 2004 Beijing Marathon, Xu Zhenjun of China ran the course backwards—not from the finish line to the start line, but rather backwards running—and finished in 3:43:39 2. Fastest Half Marathon Hula Hooping Betty Shurin, known as Betty Hoops, ran the […]

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Reasons to be a Runner

Trying to convince a friend or family member to become a runner? Try using some of these BuzzFeed facts to convince them to start running. Nature beats fluorescent lights every time It’s the best cardio workout Attractive people run. So you’ll meet and see lots of eye candy You get to collect race bibs …and […]

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All 4 Run Race Recap

Congratulations to all of our Patriotic, All 4 Run, Runners! Over 900 runners from around the globe beat the heat to conquer 4 miles to celebrate our great nation and made our fourth virtual race an overwhelming success! Missed the race? Here’s a quick recap: Our virtual race started with runners signing up and choosing […]

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100 Mile Ultra Marathons


Have you ever noticed that when something in society goes mainstream, there is a push to do bigger and better things? Running in races, whether it be half marathons or full marathons, is starting to become a common routine in many runner’s lives. So how are runner’s starting to stand out from another, and being […]

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Top 21 Cities for Runners

Did your city make BuzzFeed’s Top 21 cities for runners? 1. Washington, D.C 2. Chicago, Illinois 3. Albuquerque, New Mexico 4. Canberra, Australia 5. Vancouver, Canada 6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 7. Bozeman, Montana 8. San Diego, California 9. Denver, Colorado 10. Miami Beach, Florida 11. Portland, Oregon 12. Ottawa, Canada 13. Madison, Wisconsin 14. San Fransisco, […]

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