How does this fish improve this runner’s performance?

How does this fish improve this runner’s performance?

Fish Oil and Health

Gotta love running and your fish too!

Most fishes contain vital OMEGA-3s that can improve a runner’s performance, reduce inflammation, and so much more. Do you take a daily dose of fish oil? If not, you really should consider it. Lots of research is proving over and over again that fish oil is a super supplement that does the body and soul good…very good. Here are some quick (and interesting) facts about fish oil.

What is fish oil?
Fish oil originates in the liver of oily fish and contains omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA).  Omega-3s are in the news and it’s all good.

What are the benefits to having adequate omega-3? 
Extensive research indicates the many benefits of fish oil/omega-3.  Here are just a few:

  • Improves performance and speeds up recovery time
  • Reduces inflammation in the body
  • Helps prevent inflammatory diseases like heart disease and arthritis
  • Improves bone health by regulating calcium levels and reducing the incidence of bone loss
  • Improves mental health, especially noted for people suffering form depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD and eating disorders
  • Aids in cancer prevention
  • Improves artery health by reducing plaque in the arteries
  • Beautifies the skin

I’ve also heard of omega-6 fats – what are they and do I have enough? 
If you eat a typical American diet, the odds are you consume too many omega-6 fatty acids, and this can be dangerous to your health. Omega-6 fatty acids are essential fatty acids that are necessary for health that you need to get through food, but it is important that there is a balance between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce inflammation and some omega-6 fatty acids tend to promote inflammation. Unfortunately, many people have a diet high in omega-6 due to the typical American diet that is laden with fat sources such as corn, sunflower and soy.  Even if you don’t think you eat a lot of corn or soy products, think about what your other food eats – most chickens and beef are fed a corn or soy diet.   A healthy diet consists of a balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

How do I get my omega-3s?
Cold-water, oily fish such as anchovies, mackerel, herring, cod and salmon are high in omega-3.  Another easy way to get your daily is by simply taking fish oil capsules. The FDA recommends a maximum dosage 3000mg of omega-3 daily, but athletes are often recommended to take higher dosages. There are many informative websites (such as Cross Fit Impulse) that can assist you in calculating the right dosage of omega-3s for you.  Be sure to look for the amount of omega-3 fatty acids in the each capsule – anything over 600mg per capsule is a good find.  Purchase a good quality fish oil made from small fish such as anchovies, sardines, whitings, pollocks or mackerels. These are small fish that don’t live as long and don’t get a chance to soak up toxin, like their big fish cousins such as shark, cod and salmon.

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